CNC routing machine

CNC Routing

Harnessing sophisticated CNC routing – technology that allows precision computer-controlled cutting of materials with millimetre-accurate precision – is vital to what we do for you and your retail stand, exhibition or conference build.

Traditional media and high-tech materials

First we understand your requirement. Then we design the stand or display that meets your objectives. Only then do we use the software and cutting equipment that best allows us to create the result you need from a vast portfolio of materials. These range from traditional media such as wood, aluminium, steel, plastic and glass to the latest foams, acrylics, composites and high-tech carbon-fibre. The results are stunning.

How do you benefit? Not only through greater efficiency, but because CNC routing allows more adventurous designs and less materials waste. It adds up to saving you time and budget, while creating the stunning structures that wow your audience and get results.

More than just another piece of equipment

At first glance, CNC routing – computer numerical controlled routing – may look like just another piece of manufacturing equipment. In reality, it’s much, much more and it really does contribute to you doing more profitable business. We look forward to showing you how.

Unlocking creativity without breaking the bank


Our tech helps bring your build to life with the highest degree of accuracy

Reduce Cost

Cutting manual labour reduces cost while maintaining quality

Conserve Materials

Efficient machinery cuts waste and saves money

Adventurous Design

We’ll bring the most creative ideas to attention-grabbing life