Will your conference be a good one – or an amazing event that inspires attendees like never before? To achieve this, we offer a fully conference planning and delivery service for large and small organisations.

We look after every logistical detail

From first concepts and event creation, to live conference streaming, we de-stress stress planning these most-important of occasions. The result? You can concentrate on other business tasks while we look after every logistical detail.

Venue choice can make or break your conference. We help with venue selection so all your expectations are met – or exceeded! With the venue selected, our thorough site surveys create detailed blueprints. From these, our conference designers create a memorable bespoke experience tailored to the available space. If needed, we’ll even look after attendee management, right down to their flights, other transport arrangements and hotel bookings. And, of course, we can also offer a range of marketing support to help you promote the event.

Picture your event before it happens

Seeing our vision for your conference is vital as you plan how to make the most of the event. Our sophisticated 3D visualisation tools even allow you to picture your event before it happens. That way you can see exactly how the set will appear, visualise its use and make any changes before it’s too late. 

From planning and execution to promoting your most important event of the year, conferences are another Paramount4 speciality.